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Thermal Energy Storage / BESS (Battery Energy Storage System)

Ener-t developed this technology primarily to allow its solar thermal plants (CSP) to operate beyond the hours when the sun is shining and to make the plants highly dispatchable for the benefit of the grid.  This Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system can provide all kind of advantages to any thermal power generation plants allows for radiant energy from the solar field to be collected, stored and discharged for use in other hours of the day when there is low or no radiation.  By doing so, it significantly increases the capacity utilization factor of the plant.

ES-3.5 TES technology consisting Two-tank molten salt configuration.

It provides:

  • Many years of experience with this technology in the general process industry

  • Good experience in thermal solar plants in the USA and Spain

  • The technology is environmentally benign


This system consists of a quantity of molten salt pumped between hot and cold reservoirs, either to be heated up by the HTF (charging mode) and stored, or, when hot, used to heat the HTF (discharging mode). The salt used in the TES system is a non-eutectic mixture of 60% Sodium Nitrate (NaNO3) and 40% Potassium Nitrate (KNO3).


When the solar field is collecting thermal energy in excess of that required to drive the steam turbine at the desired output capacity, a stream of HTF is diverted to the TES heat exchangers. The thermal energy of the HTF is transferred to molten salt, which is pumped from a cold storage tank, through the TES heat exchangers, to a hot storage tank.


When the solar field cannot supply sufficient thermal output to the power block, the salt flow is reversed, and hot molten salt is pumped from the hot storage tank, through the TES heat exchangers, and returned to the cold storage tank. The thermal energy of the hot salt is transferred back to the HTF, which is then pumped to the power block heat exchangers to generate steam.

BESS (Battery Energy Storage System)

Electric Storage

In the past few years, Ener-t with its extensive experience in renewable and storage systems, has been involved in the revolutionary battery-storage industry, from utility-scale to residential-scale. Ener-t technology is scalable and can be integrated with all kinds of energy production technologies for distributed energy storage and even arbitrage.


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