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ES-3.5 Parabolic Trough

With its ES-3.5 Parabolic Trough Ener-t provides most economical

solar field solution for CSP plants.


The collector for the ES-3.5 technology is of modified parabolic trough configuration proven for more than 25 years. It is based on our successful LS-2 collectors in operation since 1986 in the SEGS projects and it includes some important parameters: central torque tube, proven 3-D mirrors support cantilevers, proven HCEs (Heat Collecting Elements) holding system and efficient hydraulic drive and sun tracking systems. It is approximately 150m in length with an aperture of 5.77m, consisting of 12 SCE’s (modules


  • Proven design based on Ener-t team excellent experience with the proven LS-2 tube based collectors from the SEGS

  • Most easy to assemble and to install at project site

  • High efficiency

  • Low manufacturing and erection cost


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