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Optimizing Commercial Projects

An important and unique strength of Ener-t is its proven capability to best optimize the solar power projects in order to provide best return on investment for the Owners.

Ener-t advantages are:

  • Ener-t uses its own proprietary performance model continually under development and improvement since 1980.

  • Ener-t has deep experience not only with single components (such as the collector) but also with the development, design and utilization of complete renewable energy projects.

  • Ener-t has undertaken all main functions of solar power projects – including project development, design, construction and operation – and is fully aware of the parameters important for making the complete project most successful for its developer/owner.

Optimization is carried out across a range of:

  • System parameters

  • Plant configurations

  • Operating strategies

Ener-t's Optimization target:

  • Best solar/fuel contribution

  • Production Schedules or generation goals

  • Thermal Efficiency

  • IRR, LCOE or other financial indicators

  • Meeting regulatory goals


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