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EPC activities

Ener-t International is an experienced and qualified technology provider and Engineering Procurement and Construction Management (EPC) of solar thermal power plants (CSP), solar PV projects, Biogas systems, Hybrid Solar Fuel (IHSF®) systems and Storage Systems.

Ener-t ‘EPC Technology and Knowhow’ provide unique advantages over and superior than anything available elsewhere:

• Lowest project Capex


• Highest performance (annual net electricity generation)

• Integrated with Thermal Energy Storage (TES) in the most       suitable and safest  way


• Most suitable to different climate


• Proven for over 35 years


• Fully bankable

Ener-t offers a complete technology service package for solar electric systems with parabolic trough technology optimized for all kinds of local conditions. We cover all aspects of the thermal solar technology – including the complete solar field with all of its key components and technology and the integration of the solar field with the power block to create the high reliable and efficient solar power stations, aiming to promote the use of clean, renewable energy power plants.


The company is focused on the execution of EPC Projects in all their phases: Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning and Operation & Maintenance.

Our capabilities and company structure allow us also to achieve a low Capex & Opex plants configuration (with high local supply content) combined with a high expected performance. We bring these strengths to achieve the best possible plant configuration, optimized to its location and unique project characteristics at the lowest project investment.

Thanks to our many years of experience, proven, bankable and innovative technologies and competitive pricing, we bring customers an attractive offering.

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