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Qualified Technology Provider

Ener-t International is a qualified technology provider based on our vast experience spanning decades in the design, development, construction, operation, maintenance and improvement of the SEGS solar thermal power plants since the establishmebt of the SEGS projects located in California.


Those nine parabolic trough power plants have set the current technology standard and have a total capacity of 354 MW generating electricity continuously since 1984 to supply reliable power to more than 200,000 homes.


As such, our design and engineering work is based on our experience as  technology provider with intimate understanding of the capabilities of parabolic trough technology and overall solar thermal system engineering. Our technology background is reflected in our process design: we optimize system performance reflecting a comprehensive understanding of the behavior of the various plant subsystems – solar field, HTF system, TES, power block and ancillary systems - and how these subsystems can be successfully integrated to maximize the net annual electricity generation of the projects.

Ener-t provides the highest performance projects based on:                                                                          

Vast experience - Ener-t has more than 35 years of experience in renewable multi-megawatt projects in USA, South America, Europe, Asia, Middle East and others.

Optimal design – Ener-t design is tailored-made to the specific conditions and requirements of the project, optimized to achieve highest performance.

Advanced modeling – Ener-t specific design is based on our proprietary performance model (in addition to meeting all parameters of the standard international models).

Top equipment – Ener-t provides most economical equipment solution for renewable plants. Proven design based on Ener-t team excellent experience from the SEGS. Most easy to assemble and to install at project site. High efficiency. Low manufacturing and erection cost


Advanced electrical and control system Ener-t advanced technology allows control of each single module and achieving maximum utilization of all modules in each string. 

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