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Integrated Hybrid Solar Fuel

Ener-T has developed a unique Patented Technology for generating renewable power with 24/7 availability, fast response to grid requirements, full manageability, and high reliability as described herein. The new technology is based on a breakthrough in the integration of solar thermal energy, fossil energy and thermal energy storage system. In the new technology, named IHSF (Integrated Hybrid Solar – Fuel), thermal energy from both solar and fuel based sources (including coal and biomass) is combined in a highly efficient and flexible manner to create a continuous and stable stream of hot fluid to generate power. Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is also used as an integral part of the IHSF process and together with the high efficiency solar turbine; high quality electricity is generated to match grid requirements, 24/7 all year around. The IHSF power plant can serve as base load plants and is the only solar energy system that can practically do so.


  • An integration of proven, bankable technologies

  • Leverages the auxiliary fuel using solar thermal energy to increase the effective thermal efficiency

  • Flexible configuration to reflect fuel type, availability and dispatch targets

  • Fully load manageable

  • Designed as a base-load capable system

  • Provide high quality power with characteristics that were until now available only in conventional power stations. 

Below is summary of the many advantages for the national grid that the Ener-t’s IHSF technology offers:



  • Electricity supply 24/7, day and night, all year around.

  • Annual Capacity Factor of over 90%

  • Solar portion of over 51%. The IHSF technology provides the fastest and most effective way to introduce renewable energy in mass scale into the national grid.

  • Fastest time respond, better than even conventional power plants, to all grid dynamic demands and changes.

  • Full Manageability – equivalent to or surpassing conventional power plants. It has a fast response time to variations in dispatch demand while maintaining grid synchronization, has phase regulation capability and is able to start up and shut down according to the grid requirements, with little loss in overall plant conversion efficiency.

  • Full ability to match on a daily schedule the demands within the grid system by supplying a higher electricity production during peak hours but also supplying mid production or same production during night hours.

  • Take advantage of local auxiliary fuel sources, e.g., coal.

  • High level of efficiency of the solar field.

  • The IHSF plants can replace existing or planned base-load plants, and satisfies a wide range of objectives beyond simply the dispatch of electricity.

  • IHSF projects will provide high local content with surplus opportunities for building local manufacturing industry.

  • IHSF projects will also create significant number of new jobs both during construction and regular operation.

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